"It means a lot

to have a

leader who is

truly anticipating

what's next."

-Dave, Grand Rapids Resident

An Eye on our Future.

There are no changes that take place without considering their impact on our community today and tomorrow.  Our immediate struggles with housing, with transportation, with employment opportunities and with rapid growth have to be addressed while considering what our City will be like ten and twenty years from now.

Mayor Bliss has committed  her time and experience to making sure that our approaches to these challenges work for both the short and long term.  She consistently involves residents in planning processes while also incorporating the best practices she learns from cities across the country.

Our success in the area of sustainability is not only beneficial now (with almost a third of the City's electricity usage being produced by renewable energy): it will pay off decades from today as the City approaches being a carbon-neutral municipality. This means a better environment and tax savings for all of our residents.

The same holds true as we find creative ways to increase our affordable housing stock: we are finding solutions that empower residents to repurpose the space they already live in, encouraging more reasonably priced apartments and working closely with community partners.

Mayor Bliss has also taken on the issue of equity head-on, working with many community leaders on the Grand Rapids Racial Equity Initiative, working to implement systematic approaches to increasing opportunity and representation of diverse groups in some of our largest local employers.

Every aspect of her leadership works this way: making needed changes now that will pay off for us and generations to come.


Tony Baker, GRPS Board Member

Emily Brieve, Kent County Commissioner

Emily Bridson, Kentwood City Commissioner

Kathleen Bruinsma, GRCC Trustee

Dave Bulkowski, Kent County Commissioner

Gary Carey, Mayor of Walker

Kathy Crosby, GRCC Trustee

Kymberlie Davis, GRPS Board Member

Claudine Duncan, East Grand Rapids Commissioner

Kristian Grant, GRPS Board Member

Bryan Harrison, Caledonia Township Supervisor

Mark Huizenga, State Representative

Bobby Hopewell, Mayor of Kalamazoo

Ruth Kelly, GR City Commissioner

David LaGrand, State Representative

Senita Lenear, GR City Commissioner

Nate Moody, GR City Commissioner

Jon O'Connor, GR City Commissioner

Stan Ponstein, Kent County Commissioner

Lupe Ramos Montigny, State Board of Education

Kurt Reppart, GR City Commissioner

Raynard Ross, GRPS Board Member

Anna Siebold, Mayor of East Grand Rapids

Andy Schor, Mayor of Lansing

Jen Schottke, GRPS Board Member

Phil Skaggs, Kent County Commissioner

Kimberly Simms, Mayor of Muskegon Heights

Monica Sparks, Kent County Commissioner

Jim Talen, Kent County Commissioner

Robert Womack, Kent County Commissioner

Stephen Wooden, Kent County Commissioner

Growing List of Great Endorsers!

Sarah Abel

Peter Albertini

Christine Albertini

David Allen

Raul Alvarez

Melissa Anderson

Chris Andrus

Mary Angelo

Monica App

Richard App

Tom Appel

Anne Armstrong Cusack

Melissa Ayotte

Rev. David Baak and ​Betty Zylstra

Tod Babick

Tony Baker

John Barfuss

Bishop Eric Barnes

Lisa Marie Barnes

Guy Bazzani

Vera Beech

Stacie Behler

Max Benedict

Pamela Benjamin

Micki Benz

Zach Berends

Daniel Berg

Jesse Bernal

Joel Bersche

Kristine Bersche

Dave and Michelle Bilardello

Melissa Birnie

Carla Blinkhorn

Frank Blossom

Doreen Bolhuis

Scott Bowen

Bill Bowling

Norm Brady

Emily Bridson

Emily Brieve

Hedda Britt-Martin

Kipp Bronk

Keith and Sheila Brophy

Janay and Andrew Brower

Kathleen Bruinsma

Melissa Budzynski

Dave Bulkowski

Charlotte Byndas

Laura Caprara

Gary Carey

Veneese Chandler

Susan Cleland

Deb Cleland Nowakowski

Brian Cloyd

Greg Cobb

Mary Ann Coroneos

Nancy Court

Bruce Courtade

Kay Courtney

Candace Cowling

Barbara Craft

Sam and Janene Cummings

Dave and Karen Custer

Kylene Dalton-Koons

Kymberlie Davis

Jim Davis

Diedre Deering

Steve Depolo

Steven DeJong

Derek DeVries

David Dorr

Chadd Dowding

David Doyle

Claudine Duncan

Kayem Dunn

Lawrence Duthler

Jermale Eddie

Chadwick Elder

Michael Erickson

Carl Erickson

Michael Erickson

Steve Faber

Gussie Farris

Alex Fedorowych

Luke Ferris

Stacy Filipiak

Jim Fisher

David Fridsma

Dana Friis-Hansen

Arlen and Sandra Gaddy

Laurie and Don Gardner

Ryan Gidley

Jane Gietzen

Cherie Giles

Bing Goei

Meg Goebel

John Golaszewski

Ron Gorman

John and Deanna Green

Dan Grinwis

Paul Haan

Harold Hamilton

Betsy Hammerschmidt

Tennille Harkness

Bryan Harrison

Steve Heacock

George Heartwell

Susan Heartwell

Gail Heffner

Carolyn Heines

John Helmholdt

Bob Herr

Jack Hoffman

Mary Hollinrake

Kate Holloway

Cheri Holman

Mark Holzbach

Sue Hood

Mayor Bobby Hopewell

Jim Howe

Katherine Humphrey

John Hunting

Win and Kyle Irwin

Ellen James

Ronald Jimmerson

Joe Jones

Amy Kam

Stephanie Kammeraad

Liz Keegan

Christina Keller

Fred Keller

Ruth Kelly

Mary Kenyon

Bill Kirk

Ray Kisor

John Kotwick

Mira Krishnan

Kathy Kuhn

Marjorie Kuipers

Klaas Kwant

Morgan Lambert

David LaGrand

Susan Ledy

Rachel Lee

Helen Lehman

Jeannine Lemmon

Senita Lenear

David Levitt

Susan Lewis

Ron Lichtenstein

Mike and Jamie Lomonaco

Ted Lott

Ann Lowry

Don and Nancy Lubbers

Elias & Ruth Lumpkins

Frank Lynn

Bill and India Manns

Wendy Marty

Rob and Jodie Masefield

Behnje Masson

Brenda Mathews

Elyse Mathos

John Matias

Fungai Mboko

Joshua McBryde

James Kevin McCurren

Megan Meyet

Mark and Lisa Miller

Nikos Monoyios

Pastor Nathaniel Moody

Laura Moody

Carol Moore

Sam Moore

Lee Mueller

Steve Mulder

Chris Muller

Terri and Larry Mulligan

Noreen Myers

Bruce and Susan Neckers

Lee Nelson Weber

Ashley Noe

Greg Northrup

Scott Nowakowski

Jon O'Connor

Jorndan O'Neil

Mary O'Neill

Hal Ostrow

Cynthia Peck

Steve Pestka

Alicia Pestka

Deborah Phillips

Phil Pikaart

Marilyn Pikaart

Stan Ponstein

Lynne Pope

Rick  Powell

Jeff Redmond

Kurt Reppart

Kristin Revere

Dottie Rhodes

Richard Roane

Dale Robertson

Taylor Robida

Leandro Robles

Garrick Rochow

Raynard Ross

Barb and Milt Rohwer

Terry  Rucker 

Lindsey Ruffin

Elizabeth Rutherford

Linda Samuelson

Carlos Sanchez

Elissa Sangalli

Vernis L. Schad

Mark Schaub

Gloria Scheid

Jen Schottke

Charlie and Elizabeth Secchia

Peter Secchia

Vicki Seidle

Mark Sellers

Dave Shaffer

Jean Silbar

Anna Siebold

Kim Sims

Molly Singleterry

Eva Sitek

Phil Skaggs

Maureen Slade

Don Smalligan

Kris  Spaulding

Tonja Stapleton

James Storey

Dennis Sturtevant

Brian Swem

Jim Talen

Pat Talen

Lindy Tanis

Jacqueline Taylor

Janette Tazzia

Barb Thornburg

Todd Tobin

Mercedes Toohey

Carol Townsend

Rick Treur

Douglas Van Doren

Jay Van Lenten

Mark Van Putten

Jean Van Coevering

M. Jade VanderVelde

Mary Kay VanDriel

John VanFossen

Dan Vorhees

Michael Waldron

Adrienne Wallace

Becca Walsh-Wolfe

Sandy Ward

Julie Way

Teresa and Dennis Weatherall Neal

Skot Welch

Dan and Lynee Wells

Rae Westerhof

John Wheeler

Bridget Mary White

Jim White

Jessica White-Hatinger

Andrew Wilkinson

Lizzie Williams

Michael Williams

Mary Alice Williams

Keith Winn

Kathy Wolverton

Robert Womack

Robert Woodhouse

Milinda Ysasi

Jim Zawicki

Betty Zylstra and Rev. David Baak


Anne Armstrong Cusack, Former Grand Rapids Library Commissioner

Scott Bowen, Former GR City Commissioner

Laurie Gardner, Former GRPS Board Member

Jane Gietzen, Former GRPS Board Member

Steve Heacock, Former Kent County Commissioner

George Heartwell, Former GR Mayor

Mary Hollinrake, Former Kent County Clerk

Ellen James, Former GRCC Trustee

Kathy Kuhn, Former Kent County Commissioner

Eli Lumpkins, Former GR City Commissioner

Ruth Lumpkins, Former Library Commissioner

John Otterbacher, Former State Rep. and Senator

Steve Pestka, Former State Representative

Linda Samuelson, Former GR City Commissioner

Carlos Sanchez, Former GRCC Trustee

Vernis Schad, Former GRPS Board Member

Dave Shaffer, Former GR City Commissioner

Maureen Slade, Former GRPS Board Member

Jim White, Former GR City Commissioner

Mary Alice Williams, Former GR City Commissioner

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